Vitakraft Budgie Kracker Trio Packs


With An Original Vitakraft Kräcker®, Your Parakeets Have To Work For Their Food.

Crunchy, triple baked treats for added strength and intense flavour, Vitakraft Budgie Kracker Sticks are specifically formulated for Budgies, providing balanced nutrition and helping to keep your birds beak trim.

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Original Vitakraft Crackers® are pure flavour and entertainment in one. Your budgie can nibble away to its heart’s content. The delicious seed mix is specially formulated for budgies. Triple baking the treat in the Vitakraft bakery guarantees extra long nibbling fun for your pet. The wooden stick inside the crackers helps with the natural abrasion of the pet’s beak. Vitacraft Crackers Trio-Mix provides a bit of variety. Each Trio-Mix set contains 3 different flavours: Sesame Seed & Banana, Herb & Paprika and Kiwi & Citrus or Egg & Grass Seed, Apricot & Fig and Honey & Sesame Seed.

Vitakraft Budgies Crackers Trio-Mix at a glance:

  • Made specifically for budgies
  • With healthy vitamins
  • Triple-baked onto an untreated wooden stick
  • Comes with clips for attachment


Trio-Mix Sesame Seed & Banana / Herb & Paprika / Kiwi & Citrus (90g): 1 x Sesame Seed & Banana cracker stick®, 1 x Herb & Paprika cracker stick®, 1 x Kiwi & Citrus cracker stick®
Trio-Mix Egg & Grass Seed / Apricot & Fig / Honey & Sesame Seed (80g): 1 x Egg & Grass Seed cracker stick®, 1 x Apricot & Fig cracker stick®, 1 x Honey & Sesame Seed cracker stick®


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