NetTex Anti Feather Pecking Spray 250ml


NetTex Anti Feather Pecking Spray 250ml

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NetTex Anti Feather Pecking Spray 250ml Feather pecking is a common behavioural problem with all poultry and if left untreated it can lead to nasty wounds and infection. This anti feather pecking spray has a terrible taste and a strong odour which will discourage any naughty chicken from plucking and pecking their housemate. The problem should cease within a week of use. This also contains anti-bacterial agents to minimise the risk of infection to wounds and speed up the healing process. This product should be used according to guidelines printed on the bottle. Ingredients: Denatonium benzoate, Benzalkonium chloride, Pine tar, Ethanol and Paraffinic hydrocarbon


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