Mr Johnsons Swan, Duck And Goose Food (750g)


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  • Fortified with vitamins, this food floats longer so the birds have a better chance to eat it. Many birds will eat the food while it is still floating on the water while some breeds prefer to eat it from below the water line. This means not a single nugget will be wasted!
  • Can be very beneficial for the birds, particularly at certain times of the year when food can be scarce or feeding is difficult
  • Scatter Mr Johnson’s Mr Johnsons Wildlife Swan, Duck & Goose Food across the surface of the water as wide as possible, enabling many birds to reach the food without overcrowding. Allow the birds to eat what’s been offered before throwing out any more. Bread isn’t that nutritious for birds so feeding bread can lead to vitamin deficiencies and uneaten bread can affect the cleanliness of the water

What you need to know:

  • Ingredients: Wheat, wheatfeed, maize, soya, fish meal, soya oil
  • 1 x Mr Johnsons Wildlife Swan, Duck & Goose Food 750g


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