Mr Johnsons Advance Ferret Food


Mr Johnsons Advance Ferret Food

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Advance FERRET FOOD is a superior complete food for ferrets – a single tasty nugget that’s a nutritious and balanced formula with the added benefit of containing Verm – X. Feeding the correct diet to your ferret is essential for maintaining good health. Ferrets are Carnivores and require high levels of meat in their diet for essential proteins. ?Balanced nutrition ?contains a natural pre- biotic promoting a healthy gut and aiding digestion ?omega 3 to promote healthy skin & coat ?Yucca extract a natural deodoriser ?crunchy nugget aids dental health ?no added colours, flavours or preservatives ?Verm-X a blend of natural herbs for natural control of intestinal hygiene Mr Johnson’s Advance FERRET FOOD is a complete diet and does not require require any additional meat or suppliments. Fresh clean water is essential and should always be available. Overcoming selective feeding Advance FERRET FOOD contains a balanced diet in every mouthful therefore overcoming selective feeding. Ferrets can become overweight if they don’t get enough exercise or are overfed so care should be taken. They can be fed food ad lib but the quantity of food can be reduced if they become overweight. As a guide for an adult ferret we recommend is 40 – 60 grammes a day. Changing your ferrets diet Your ferrets diet should be changed over a 7 – 10 day period in order to avoid any potential digestive upset. This should be done by mixing small quantities of the new food with their existing food & reducing their existing food until a complete change over has taken place. Feeding guide: This feeding advice is a guide only. Mr Johnson’s Advance FERRET FOOD feeding guide: Kits – Feed kits from as early as 3 weeks, During the first few week feed small quantities of fresh Advance ferret food regularly. This should be softened with a little warm water. Over the week reduce the amount of water you add until by second week they are eating it dry. Adults- feed dry on a free feed basis. Approximate requirements are 40 – 60grammes a day. Pregnant & lactating Jill’s – feed on a free feed basis. Composition: Poultry meat meal, rice, poultry oil,maize, gluten meal, sugar beet, fish meal, brewers yeast, egg powder, fructo-oligosccharide, mannan-oligosaccharide, extract of yucca, Verm – X herb blend. Nutritional additives: Vitamin A: 30,000 iu/kg; Vitamin D: 2,500 iu/kg; Vitamin E: 215 mg/kg; Taurine: 1,000 mg/kg; Analytical constituents: Crude protein: 39%; Crude fibre: 2%; Crude oils & fats: 19%; Crude ash: 9.5% Summary: ?Available in 2kg bags ?Tasty crunchy nuggets that are balanced in every bite ?Contains essential meat protein ?Natural pre-biotic ?Yucca extract for reduced odour ?Verm -x special herb blend to control intestinal health ?No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives ?Mono-component nugget prevents selective feeding


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