Avipro Avian Prebiotic & Probotic Supplement 100g


A liquid calcium supplement for birds with added vitamin D3 for addition into drinking water or onto moist/soft foods. It has the stamp of approval under the Small Animal Exemption Scheme.

Our calcium supplement Calcivet (CalciBoost in America) stops the most common deficiency in cage and aviary birds, calcium deficiency. Despite the tonnes of cuttlefish bone fed every year, calcium deficiency is still the biggest problem in bird keeping!


Great for any sick or stressed bird, Avipro Avian has been developed from the long established Avipro Plus and is available in 100g and 300g sizes.

It can be used in your bird’s drinking water or sprinkled on food, whichever you find the most effective way of feeding. Avipro Avian contains fructo-oligosaccharide soluble fibre, glucose, electrolytes and Vitamins A, C & E to replace what might be lost in sickness and stressful situations.

The probiotics help to maintain a healthy gut. Vitamins A, C & E help to restore and maintain good levels commonly more quickly used up during times of stress. Electrolytes aid in maintaining adequate levels during bouts of diarrhoea. Soluble fibre prebiotics increases the effectiveness of the probiotics.

Using Avipro Avian can prove to extremely valuable for supporting your bird at times of stress, or when ill and off their food, undergoing a lot of handling, showing or simply going to a new home.

Birds, which show ‘nervous traits’ such as feather plucking, which can be linked to abdominal colic etc can also benefit.

If your bird is under treatment with antibiotics, Avipro Avian can really help. Normal gut flora may be unbalanced by the treatment, which can cause bad bacteria to flourish, many of which can form toxins. If your bird is on an antibiotic coarse, please check with your avian vet before using this product.

Comes with a 5ml scoop.


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