Ancol Plastic Dog Muzzle


Not all dogs are angels, all of the time. Some are unreliable in the company of other dogs, others see off the postmen and some like to vacuum up unmentionable things in the park. Safety must be our primary concern but not at the expense of welfare.


The Ancol Plastic Muzzle for dogs is a sturdy and robust muzzle designed to protect others in environments that make your dog nervous or aggressive.

Muzzles may also be used to prevent dogs from eating whatever they find while on walks or from licking wounds.

This muzzle has a pre-moulded shape for efficient fixing and your dog’s comfort. This muzzle is strong and secure but allows your dog to drink and pant normally.

If your dog is not used to wearing a muzzle it is a good idea to desensitise your dog to wearing one so that they do not feel frightened or uncomfortable. We recommend creating a positive association with the muzzle by pairing it with delicious treats, fun games or something your dog really likes. Gradually build up the time your dog is wearing the muzzle for, starting with only a few seconds at first, so that your dog slowly gets used to the sensation of having it on.


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